Wood Pressed Oils & A2 Cow Ghee

Wood Pressed Oils & A2 Cow Ghee

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Wood Pressed Sesame Oil

Size: 1L

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The oil is  Cold pressed using finest variety of sesame seeds and is produced through a zero-chemical method to keep nutrients fully intact. Helps lower the level of bad cholesterol and thereby, promotes good heart health. Helps in digestion of food.




 Sesame Oil Health benefits


Skin Health -

 Sesame oil is rich in zinc and vitamin E. Intake of sesame oil, smoothens the skin prevents from premature ageing.


Heart Health-

 Sesame oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. This helps to keep the cholesterol level low. So this helps you the keep your heart healthy,


Bone Growth- 

Sesame oil contains lots of minerals like copper, calcium and zinc. These helps to keep your bones strong and prevents you from osteoporosis.


Oral Health-

 Sesame oil is highly recommended oil pulling. Oil pulling is, put small amount of oil into your mouth and goggle for around 10 minutes and spit it out. The fat in the oil traps all the bacteria. This helps you to keep your teeth health, whiter and plague free. It is recommended to do oil pulling once in a day , preferably in the morning.  By this process, dental health can be maintained in a natural way , without using chemical mouth wash.

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