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Finger Millet (Nachani) Flour

Size: 500gm

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Finger millet is an extremely nutritious cereal and is very beneficial for maintaining a good health.


Health Benifits -

• It is highly recommended for Diabetics, Digestion and acidity, Healthy Heart, Weight watchers, and especially for Women’s health.
• Ragi millet is gluten free, has essential fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants.
• Finger millet (Ragi) is rich in calcium and contains about 10 times more calcium than of white rice or wheat. Intake of finger millet can aid the development of bone fragments in developing kids and the upkeep of bone density in grownups.

• Finger millet is a rich source of natural iron, making it perfect for anaemic patients as well as those with reduced haemoglobin levels
• It is good for diabetes patients as it has a low glycemic index hence it is slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and causes a lower and slower rise in blood glucose. It also helps in lowering cholesterol level.
• Finger millet is having excellent nutritional value. As it contains 6% to 8% protein, 1% to 1.7% fat, starch 65% to 75%, minerals 2% to 2.25% and dietary fiber 18% to 20%

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